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AndroDumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect ) 3.11
AndroDumpper will try to get Router Passwords and more Data(NOTonly WPS ), and will try to connect to WPS enabled WifiRoutersthat have the WPS vulnerability using some algorithms toconnect tothe Wifi. Hacking anything is forbidden in all religions- And thisapplication has been developed for totally Testing andEducationalpurposes only , im not responsible for any bad usage orhackingother Routers that you don't have the right to access***ROOT isNOT totally required**** **** Location Permission isrequired forWifi Network Scanning By Android***** The applicationhas Threemethods to connect: - Root Method : Supported all androidversionbut should be rooted. - No Root Method : supports onlyAndroid 5(Lollipop) and up. -(NEW) Online Method ( all networks ,not onlyWPS ): this new feature will try to get all kind of Routers(notonly WPS ) passwords online , so it needs at leastinternetconnection to do its job For Android 9 with WPS ( Pie ) -Im sorrythat Google has removed the support of WPS at all ( Rootand noRoot) method , both won't work anymore and no otherapplication willsuccess connect with WPS on Android 9 (Pie ) and up, dont befooled with other applications that say it can connect toWPS onAndroid 9 ( Pie ) , its all fake Thats why , i developed thenew (Online Method ) that requires at least an internet connectiontoget passwords , even if WPS is not enabled on the RouterForAndroid 5 (Lollipop) to Android 8 - If you are not rooted youcanuse the application to connect, but you cannot show passwordunlessyou are rooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted tochooseeither Root Method or No Root Method. , you can show thepasswordusing both methods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You haveto beROOTED for both connecting and showing password - If Your arenotRooted , then you cannot use theapplication================================================ - (OnlyRootedUsers ) You can show passwords for your current savednetworks ,just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks) if youalready knowthe WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get thepasswordusing your PIN Note: Please Before posting bad review ,,beinformed that this may fail with some Access Points sincetheseAccess Points may not be affected by the WPS bug, so its nottheApplication fault. Note: Trying the application on your networkorany already connected network will be useless , theapplicationwill success always with already connected or savednetwork, evenif your network is not effected by the WPS bug Note:if the routerhas only WPS Bush Button and doesn't have fixed PIN ,then this appwont work since it tries using the fixed I havecreated random PinsDictionaries Lists for BruteForce ( for peoplewho don't know whereto get or create dictionary ) can be downloadedfrom links below:100Pins: of AndroDumpper is free of charge in exchange for safelyusingsome of your device's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellulardata), and only when you are not using your device. Youmay turnthis off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation. TheAndroDumpperOfficial Blog: Official Page: me on: Twitter: GooglePlus: Im The Developer , andimpure Palestinian :)
Sangiorgi Srl
Do you want to know if your Wireless Access Point is vulnerabletothe WPS protocol? Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!Withthis app, you can try the connection to an Wi-Fi Access PointviaWPS PIN. PINs are calculated with several algorithms throughtMACAddress and there are others PINs included in a local databaseformany Access Point. Luckily just a small part of WirelessAccessPoint are vulnerable to WPS protocol. If you will find outthatyour Access Point has WPS protocol enabled, we suggest todisableit. The purpose of the app is educational to let thecustomers knowabout vulnerability of their own Access Point. Thereare manyconnection mode with this app and you can try thebruteforce modeeither. App also discovers if an Access Point withWPS enabled isinvulnerable (WPS LOCKED). App allows users with rootpermissionsto see Wi-Fi passwords saved. Some important Notes:NOTE: you cantest the PINs with this app and you can connect, butyou cannot seethe password without root permissions. Use this apponly with yourown AP not to go against the law.
WiFi Master Key - by 4.5.78
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots shared byourusers globally, you can connect to free Wi-Fi with WiFi MasterKey(by - LinkSure Singapore)! Search & connecttoshared WiFi hotspots indicated by a Blue Key. Easy and safe.THEWIFI MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE - Cost Savings: Save data costsbyconnecting to free shared WiFi hotspots. - Easy and Fast:justsearch for the blue key and tap to connect WiFi! - SafeandSecured: All shared password are not revealed. It is encryptedtoprotect sharer’s privacy and security. - Easy to understand inyourown language: Available in 19 languages across 223 countriesandregions. English,Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay,Vietnamese,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese TW,TraditionalChinese HK,Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian,Arabic,Turkish,Hindi, French, Italian, German...more languagescoming soon.Disclaimer: WiFi Master Key is not a hacking tool. Itdoes notassist in unlocking passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots that arenot sharedby the users. Hacking is illegal. With our growingcommunity ofover 900 MILLION users (Chinese and Global versioncombined), weaim to build a trusted platform for everybody to enjoytheInternet. So, come join the world’s largest WiFi sharingcommunitytoday! If you don’t find shared hotspot yet, don’t worry,give thecommunity some time to grow. We are handling over 4BILLIONconnections daily and the number is growing rapidly. Therewill bemore and more shared WiFi to help you get connected onlineand surfthe Internet free! Rate us to show us your love! It means alot tokeep us going! Have a question? Wanna leave a feedbackorsuggestion? Sure, we’d love to hear them— tell us here or onourFacebook page! Spreadtheword, and keep sharing WiFi!
WPSApp 1.6.28
WPSApp checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.Thisprotocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an8-digitpin number that usually is predefined in the router, theproblem isthat the pin of many routers from different companies isknown oris known how to calculate it. This app uses these pins totry theconnection and check if the network is vulnerable. Itimplementsseveral known algorithms for pin generation and somedefault pins.Also calculates default key for some routers, allowsyou to viewWiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devicesconnected toyour network and analyzes the quality of the WiFichannels. Use isvery simple, when scanning networks around us, youwill seenetworks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks,they havedisabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.Thosethat appear with a question mark have enabled the WPSprotocol, butthe pin is unknown, in this case the applicationallows you to testthe most common. Finally, those with a green tickare most likelyvulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and theconnection pin isknown. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but thepassword is known, in this case it also appears ingreen and can beconnected to the key. You just need to be a Rootuser to see thepasswords, to connect on Android 9 and for someextra function.NOTICE: Not all networks are vulnerable and that thenetworkappears as such does not guarantee 100% that it is,severalcompanies have updated firmware of their routers to correctthefault. TRY IT ON YOUR NETWORK AND IF YOU ARE VULNERABLE...REMEDYIT. Turn off WPS and change password for a strong andpersonalized.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE, INTRUSION INTOFOREIGNNETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. From Android 6 (Marshmallow)it isnecessary to grant location permissions. It is a newrequirementadded by Google in this version. More informationin: models use encryption and do not show real passwords,theyshow a long series of hexadecimal digits. Look for informationonthe internet or contact me if you want to know how to decryptthem.Pin connection does not work on LG models with Android 7(Nougat).It's a problem with LG's own software. Please understandhow theapplication works before giving an evaluation. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to [email protected], thanks.Acknowledgments:Zhao Chunsheng, Stefan Viehböck, Justin Oberdorf,Kcdtv, Patcher,Coeman76, Craig, Wifi-Libre, Lampiweb, David Jenne,AlessandroArias, Sinan Soytürk, Ehab HoOoba.
WiFi You-Free WiFi for Internet No password needed 1.9.25
WiFi You
WiFi You is a global WiFi network that allows people withandroidsmart phone to search and connect to the Internet for freeandshare WiFi safely without visible password.WiFi You provides20millions shared WiFi hotspots covering every corner of theworld.Based on your location,WiFi You smartly choose shared WiFihotspotfor you to connect. All the WiFi passwords are shared by ourusersproactively, and intelligently tested to ensureavailability.WiFiYou for Android is available exclusively forInternet customers andcontains WiFi security features to improveyour privacy while usingtarget WiFi hotspots around you. The appalso prioritizes yourpreferred networks and automatically connectsyou to free WiFihotspots when in range, which makes it easy to findfree WiFihotspots with enhanced search tools and directions.WiFiYou aims tobuild a trusted open platform for everyone to enjoy theInternet.So, come join the world’s largest WiFi sharing communitytoday! Ifyou don’t find shared hotspot yet, don’t worry, give thecommunitysome time to grow up with more available WiFi hotspot. Wearehandling over ONE MILLION connections daily and the numberisgrowing rapidly. There will be more and more shared WiFi tohelpyou get connected online and surf the Internet for free!ByusingWiFi You, you will be no longer limited by your data plan whenyouenjoy HD movies, streaming musics, pictures, news, comics,novels,games and shopping on the Internet, at anytime andanywhere.★ Getautomatically connected to 20 millions of free WiFiall over theworld, even in the less developed regions of Africa. Inthis wayyou can save your data usage and easily hop over free WiFinetwork.★ Free shared access to Internet without the WiFipassword.Passwords are protected for the privacy and security ofthose whoshare.★ WiFi You users will be able to connect to yourWiFi withoutyour password being visible and you can keep track ofthe usagestatus.You can easily lock your shared WiFi again at anytime.★Comprehensive WiFi manager.It works like your system WiFiManager,but with superpowers! It gives you full control over WiFi,getnotified when you are connected and keep your devicefromauto-connecting to specific WiFi. It also classifies andrecommendsWiFi nearby and shows you the keys to access the sharedWiFi.★Based on your location,one click to get available sharedWiFihotspot. You can also access to nearby WiFi hotspots inbars,Internet cafes hotels and airports.★ Automatic access to openWiFihotspots★ WiFi You also recommend several efficient WiFirelevantapps.WiFi You also provides a complete WiFi solutionincludingfeatures like★ Smart WiFi★ Network Scanner★ Real timecustomersupport★ Add WiFi hotspots and passwords★ Update oldpasswords ★Prioritize and connect to your secure, saved networks athome andwork★ Automatically connect to WiFi around town, includingsecurehotspots where available★ Intelligently turn on WiFi when inrangeof your saved networks or WiFi★ Find hotspots when notconnected,under data-offline mode★ Avoid insecure public WiFi orfishinghotspots, protect your online security★ Reduce phoneradiation andsave battery power★ Recommend the best networks to youby analyzingWiFi status★ One click to connect to target networks★Protect yourprivacy and security with intelligent connectiontechnology★Analyze data saved by using WiFi You★ Share WiFi You appwith yourFacebook friendsWiFi You is not a hacking tool. It doesnot assistin unlocking passwords of WiFi hotspots that are notshared by theusers. Hacking is illegal.WiFi You is not a signalbooster but willimprove the quality and stability of theseconnections. A MUST-haveapp on your android smartphone in yourdaily life! If you enjoyWiFi You, please leave a nice review in thestore.If you have anyquestion or feedback, please contact us:Website:
WiFi Warden 2.4.2
Using WiFi Warden, you can: ✔️ Analyze WiFi networks ✔️ Connecttoyour WiFi using WPS and passphrase ✔️ Calculate the WPS PINsofsome routers ✔️ Increase your security ✔️ View saved WiFipasswords(requires root) ✔️ View the information of devicesconnected toyour network (Include Name, MAC address, Vendor, IP) ✔️Find theopen ports of a device on the network ✔️ Create strongpasswords Byanalyzing Wi-Fi networks, you will be able to: ✔️ Seeall theinformation that can be found on the WiFi networks aroundyou,including SSID, BSSID, Channel number, Channel bandwidth,Therouter manufacturer, Encryption, Security, Distance, etc. ✔️Find aless crowded channel to increase the signal quality ofyourwireless router. Do I need to root my device? 🔷 To connectwithWPS: You do not need root access on Android 5 (Lollipop) andhigherversions, but you need root access on Android 4.4 andearlier. 🔷 Toview WiFi passwords: You need root access on allAndroid versions.🔷 To get the serial number of an access point: Youneed root accesson all Android versions. 🔷 To check WPS lock: Youneed root accesson all Android versions. Please Note: * Connectionusing WPSdoesn't work on all routers. The reason is not WiFiWarden, it'sthe router! In these cases, please use the passphraseto connect tothe Wi-Fi. * To connect with WPS, the AP must haveenabled WPS.Access points that have enabled WPS are marked with theword "WPS"in red. * From Android 6 (Marshmallow) it is necessary tograntlocation permission to display Wi-Fi networks around you.Moreinformationat:*Please don't ask me to add more WPS PINs. If I find a new WPSPIN, Iwill put it in the future versions. if your router PIN isnotavailable in the app, just look for it on your product label. *Tosee the channel bandwidth, you need Android 6 (Marshmallow)orhigher version. * Currently increased security guidelinesonlyavailable for Asus, TP-Link , D-Link and Zyxel routers. *It'sbetter to use root method for testing null PIN. * Distance totherouter is calculated based on a free-space path loss formula.Thisnumber is approximate. * In-app purchases are only forremovingads. The app does not sell anything. All features areavailablefree of charge. * Connection using WPS PIN without rootaccess doesnot work on some LG and Huawei devices. It's a problemrelated toLG and Huawei software, not the WiFi Warden. * SomeSamsung devicesmay use encryption and do not show the realpasswords. If you wantto know how to decrypt them, please look forthe information on theinternet or contact me. * Some of the toolsof this application(Specially WPS Connection) have been developedfor Testing andEducational purposes. Use at your own risk. Thedeveloper of thisapp will not accept any responsibility. * Beforeleaving comments,please make sure you know how the app works.
Instabridge - Free WiFi Passwords and Hotspots
Would you like to connect automatically to free WiFi every timeit'spossible, without the hassle of asking for the password? It'seasyas pie: download Instabridge >> you're done! With 1millionsecure, up-to-date WiFi spots and hotspots, Instabridge isthesimplest way to surf the internet for free. Instabridge knowswhichWi Fis work and automatically keeps you off those that don't.Nosetup required. It just works. **Don’t miss the chance to bepart ofthe largest Wi-Fi-sharing community** Just install the appanddiscover all the Wi-Fi signals and passwords around you thathavealready been shared by the awesome community 💙 FEATURES • GetfreeWi-Fi connections in all major cities • No data limitation, nocost• Auto-connect to Wi Fi as soon as available • Go to'travelsettings' and make it work even when you’re low on data •Become ahero by helping the world to connect What others are sayingaboutInstabridge: "Instabridge is a Swedish company that’sinventedsomething so simple, and so awesome, that you’ve got towonder whattook this industry so long!" Android Authority “Today’sapplicationis, simply, exceptional. It's a brilliant idea, anexcellentsolution and executed perfectly. I'm in love.” El AndroidLibre"Instabridge is an elegant solution" Lifehacker "A simpleinterfaceallows friends to get access without having to type in aconvolutedstring of numbers and letters from a scrap of paper." TheEconomistWith 1 million secure, up-to-date free WiFi connectionsandhotspots, plus wi fi passwords on your phone, get instant accesstointernet in your city and the whole world 🌎 🌍 🌏 *****Important:Note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fi tethering nor isit a Wi-Fihacker tool and cannot be used for Wi Fi hacking in anyway.Instabridge syncs wifi passwords between your own devices andtopeople you have chosen to trust. ***** Questions orimprovementsuggestions? Please contact [email protected] withInstabridge Free WiFi on: Twitter @ @ Extra Resources:Help Center InstabridgeLite
Fing - Network Tools
Fing Limited
Fing App is the top ranking, free network toolkit used bymillions.Fing’s network scanner will scan any network and discoverallconnected devices quickly and accurately. Use Fing App to runWi-Fiand internet speed tests anywhere, troubleshoot network anddeviceissues and detect network intruders too. Add Fingbox tounlockadvanced features to protect your network includingautomaticblocking of unknown devices, ability to know who’s homewhileyou’re not there, easy to use parental controls and more. WithFingApp’s free tools and utilities: + Run internet speed tests,WiFispeed tests, download speed and upload speed analysis andlatency +Scan networks with Fing’s Wi-Fi & LAN network scanneranddiscover all devices connected to any network + Get accuratedevicerecognition of IP address, MAC address, device name, model,vendorand manufacturer + Advanced device analysis of NetBIOS, UPnPandBonjour names, properties and device types + Detect Wi-Fiintrudersin real-time + Includes port scanning, device ping,traceroute andDNS lookup + Receive network security and devicealerts to yourphone and email Add Fingbox to unlock advancednetwork protectionand smart home troubleshooting features: + Knowwho’s home whileyou’re not there with Digital Presence + Seedevices near your homewith Digital Fence + Block intruders andunknown devicesautomatically before they join your network + Setparental controlfeatures to schedule screen time and pause internetaccess +Analyze bandwidth usage by device + Find Wi-Fi sweet spots+Automate network speed tests and get reports for benchmarkingISPperformance + Secure your home network with opened portdetectionand network vulnerability analysis Have a question? Get intouch [email protected] or learn more about Fing App and
Network Master - Speed Test 1.9.76
Network Master is a free WiFi network tool,net signal with netspeedtest. WiFi speed test also a signal booster provides onlinesecurity& speed up internet. Do you have issues with slowspeedinternet, disconnect from the internet or online security?UsingNetwork Master, you can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspots toprotectonline security, this network speed test app can find fastWiFihotspots, detect all devices connected to network analyzerpro,speed up phone by terminating unauthorized background apps,monitordata usage and share portable hotspots with net speedmaster app.Network Master is the all-in-one professional tool forbetter WiFispeed experience. Just one tap, you’ll be the net speedmaster ofAndroid. Network Master-Highlights - Speed up internet:maximizenetwork speed - WiFi speed test: test network speed - WiFispydetect: protect network security -Monitor mobile data: monitorWiFidata usage -Network booster: refresh net speed NetSpeedMaster-Features ●Maximize network speed This personalhotspotbooster view apps network usage in real-time and preservebandwidthfor important apps automatically such as online game,online videoand downloader app. Like network speed test master app,WiFinetwork also test network speed to find fast WiFihotspots.●Security Check As a wireless network speed master app,net speedmaster WiFi spy detect protect online security to avoidinsecurepublic WiFi or phishing hotspots, by detecting DNShijacking, ARPspoofing and SSL hijacking. ●Speed up phone bystopping backgroundapps Net speed app helps detect and stop appsfrom using cellularor WiFi data in the background secretly andunauthorizedly,ensuring authorized apps to have maximized bandwidthand connectionspeed, remind you the apps network usage, it’s all intest networkspeed app. ●Speed Test Master Speed test master app isan Internetspeed meter to test network speed. Speed test master cantest speedfor your mobile cellular connections like WiFi hotspotand so on.This wireless network speed test app will test internetspeedthrough thousands of servers worldwide, speed up internet andshowaccurate broadband speed test apps results within 30seconds.●Professional Speedometer Using this network WiFi speedcheck,real-time testing of download and DNS resolved speed. Speedtest ofnet signal master works on both cellular and device WiFi,WiFispeed test can troubleshoot and verify the speed WiFinetwork.●WiFi Spy Detector Net signal master monitors all devicesconnectedon WiFi hotspot. You can evaluate security levels, detectintrudersand resolve internet issues. This WiFi spy detectorprotect onlinesecurity to avoid insecure public WiFi or phishinghotspots, bydetecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSLhijacking. ●Networkboost How does our network booster work? Netbooster is aspecialized WiFi optimization tool. Signal boosterworks byrefreshing current network. ●Resolve network issues Monitorappsnet work usage 24/7 and show accurate info instantly. Send analertto you when apps are wasting data or near your data limits.●Avastonline security Protect yourself against viruses and malwarethatcause popups and unwanted ads with avast online security,●Helpfight against deceptive ads Net speed app is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. ●Share Portable Hotspot Turnyourmobile phone into a router and share your mobile network withyourfriends. Network Master is committed to fighting againstdeceptiveand misleading ads. You can find our full official policyon thismatter here: Ifyou comeacross one of these ads, please report tous:[email protected] The more detailed, the better.
Free WiFi: WiFi map, WiFi password, WiFi hotspots 6.17.118
osmino WiFi - it's 130 million free WiFi hotspots!!! Fast andfreeinternet wherever you are!!! A unique WiFi-manager to sharepublicwifi hotspots and passwords to private Wi-Fi networks accrosstheworld. Wifi passwords automatic search starts right after theappruns. Neither any settings nor complicated terms. You can checkthenearest public networks on our Wi-Fi hotspot map. It's verysimplenow to connect to WiFi - our WiFi map is always close athand. Onour WiFi map you can easily find the nearest WiFihotspots,passwords to WiFi hotspots, reviews about WiFi connectionandplaces where WiFi is located. You can also share the password toaknown Wi-Fi network and make it available to other osminoWiFiusers, just select "Share". Staying connected on the go hasneverbeen easier! osmino WiFi is an innovative solution to findfreeWi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world. No surprise the App isanabsolute success among travellers! osmino WiFi: Free WiFi isagreat way to improve the quality of communication throughViber,Skype, WhatsApp, ICQ and other instant messenger services andVoIP,3G 4G when the signal is not strong enough, or if you do notwantto incur additional costs for mobile 4G Internet. Usesocialnetworks Facebook, VKontakte , Twitter and Instagram withosminoWiFi easier and cheaper, this app will allow you to getanopportunity to significantly increase the speed of theInternetconnection of your smartphone or tablet. Video calling,voice,streaming video, downloading movies and music, or justsurfing thesites - all this will be made much easier if you haveinstalled amobile application osmino WiFI: Free WIFI. Informationabout publichotspots is automatically set on map, according to thedatareceived from users’ devices. When you connect to anypublicnetwork we receive on our server the network location, nameandaccess settings and automatically show it on the map. Whenyoushare some private network password the hotspot we beautomaticallyadded on the map as well. So we create the use-provenpublic Wi-Fihotspots map based on users’ data. The more userssubscribe toosmino, the more disposable wifi hotspots there are onthe map.Heading for a new place? Going abroad? Don’t want to payforroaming? Then discover available Wi-Fi hotspots in point ofyourdestination on Wi-Fi map. Enjoy your trip and free andfastinternet across the world. Warning! It's not a Wi-Fi hackerapp!There are already nearly 100 000 000 wifi hotspots on osminomap inmore than 50 countries: More than 5 000 000 hotspots in USAOver 3000 000 wifi hotspots in Korea Nearly 600 000 hotspots inMexicoand over 400 000 in Brazil more than 3 million hotspotswithpasswords in Russia about 170 thousand wifi hotspots in Ukraine500000 hotspots on the map of Italy, 400 000 on the map ofSpain,France has more than 600,000 hotspots, Germany - 450 000about 200000 wifi hotspots in India more than 700 000 wifi spots inVietnam,about 100 000 wifi networks in Poland, 200 000 hotspotsinIndonesia and Turkey in each, more than 700 000 wifi hotspotswithpasswords on Japan map. If osmino WiFi doesn’t run on youdevice orthere are any bugs, please, contact us [email protected]
WiFi Password Recovery 2.5.5
When you use Recovery ,your device need rooted.WifiPasswordRecovery is the app to recover the ever lost password ofWiFinetworks that you have connected."WIFI Password Recovery"willrecover wlan passwords of previously connected wifi networksonyour android device.This app that recover or restore yourownpasswords and view wifi passwords. How to use WIFIPasswordRecovery? 1.Open the WIFI Passwords Recovery app 2.Use arooteddevice and authorize super-user permissions 3.RecoverSaved/ScannedWIFI Features: * Free:Free WIFI password Recovey app*Passwords:List all wifi passwords that you connected(rootrequired)* Detail:Show SSID and wlan passwords and detect wifihistory *Easy:Copy the WIFI wifipasswords to Clipboard(to be ableto pastekey anywhere) Encode your wifi password for another deviceto scanand access the network *Share:Share WIFI Passwords by someway orcreate QR code for other apps to scan it or sms,mail,noteetc.*Backed up:If you sign in GoogleAccount and back up your ownWIFIpasswords,then you can recovery your all passwords on otherrootdevices. Have you ever connected to so many wifi networksandforgot wlan passwords? WIFI Password Recovery is an applicationtoview all your saved/scanned WiFi passwords on yourandroiddevices.Remeber it’s only restore connected wifipasswords.WIFIPassword Recovery is a simple and powerful tool toview wlanpasswords on your android devices.Recovery wifi passwordswon`twork without root. Forget your wlan password but need tore-connectyour new device to WiFi and want to share a WiFi passwordwith yourfriend? --WIFI Password Recovery,Monitor Network to backupall WiFipasswords on your GoogleAccount, and restore it with justone step!Share with friends through SMS or email. Never lose yourwifipassword again. Send us email if you have anyproblem:[email protected]
WiFi Router Master - Detect Who is On My WiFi 1.5.11
WiFi Router Setup Page is the best WiFi Protector and WiFi blocker/WiFi thief blocker to protect my wifi security and PowerfulRoutertool for Router Setup Page or Router Settings(Router ip:, etc.). WiFi Router Setup Page willimproveyour wifi booster signal and enhance your Internetbrowsingexperience with WiFi Extender/WiFi Range Extender andWiFiRepeater. WiFi booster is a powerful WiFi Booster(WiFiProtection),simple and free router tools, router control, wifitools, ip tools,ping tools and network tool for My WiFi like fing.WiFi RouterSetup Page is a simple and free network tool to help youscan myWiFi , show all devices connected to my WiFi, see who is onmyWiFi, and block the strange device in router setup page.WiFiRouter Setup Page is a the simplest network scanner, ip scannerandwifi scanner that allows you to find your route setuppage(routerip:, etc. )and router password,so it is auseful ip tools and ping tools. Or you can detect who ison my wifiand you can block the stranger in router setup page frommy wifi.Do you want config your router setup page(routerip:, etc.) quickly? Do you want to know Howto find routerpassword? Do you want to know Who Use My WiFi? Do youwant a simpleway to change router settings? Do you want to know ifsomeone isconnected to my wifi and wireless router? Do you want toknow ifsomeone is stealing my wifi network speed without yourpermission?Do you want to know if someone who is on My WiFidownloadsomething? Worried that neighbors may have access to routersetuppage or router admin page of your wireless router? Don'tworry,using WiFi Router Setup Page can easily scan my wifi and seehowmany device connected to your wireless router/network routersuchas netgear router , d link router, tp link router or linksysrouteretc. Using WiFi Router Setup Page, in seconds you know howmany andwhich device is connected to your router with IP, MAC IDand vendorlisting. WiFi Router Setup always find all connecteddevices on mywifi!! Check who is using my wifi!! WiFi Router SetupPage helpsyou to access modem router page of any Routermodems( or192.168.0.1 etc.). You can easily access youradmin page and makechanges to your router settings. Every peoplewho are using my wifiat home or office need to use the router ip192.168.1.1 or192.168.0.1 for configuring the modem. This app helpsyou to doprocess like WiFi password configuration, MAC Addressfilteringetc. which are basic functions of router admin page. Thisapp savestime for those who need to access or192.168.0.1ondaily basis. WiFi Router Setup Page provides access tothe mostpopular wireless router. Here are some of the supportedrouters: ★TP Link Router(Normal TP Link Router ip : ★D LinkRouter(Normal D Link Router ip : ★NetgearRouter(Normal Netgear Router ip : ★LinksysRouter(Normal Linksys Router ip : ★HuaweiRouter(Normal Huawei Router ip : ★DigisolRouter(Normal Digisol Router ip : ★ ASUSRouter(NormalASUS Router ip : ★... WiFi Router SetupPage is apowerful network tool for router control, you can receivefullinformation on my wifi, find out internal or external IP,SSID,BSSID, gateway, broadcast address, network mask whois andotherbasic information. You get the following suite of networktools: •Ping • WiFi List - help you to connect to wifi. • Whois -providesinformation about a website and its owner • Router setupPagedirectly from your smartphone • ... Do you want to know what'stherouter setup page of your wireless router or modem router? Youjustneed to start WiFi Router Setup Page and you'll find it!
WiFi Dumpper ( WPS Connect ) 2.2.1
With Application WiFi Dumpper you'll can connect to WiFinetworkswhich have WPS protocol enabled. Hacking anything isforbidden inall religions - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE,INTRUSION INTOFOREIGN NETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. WiFi Dumpperis focused onverifying if your router is vulnerable to a defaultPIN. Manyrouters that companies install own vulnerabilities in thisaspect.With this application you can check if your router isvulnerable ornot and act accordingly.WPS: How itworks?The application has two methods to connect: - Root Method:Supported all android version but should be rooted. - NoRootMethod : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up. For Android5(Lollipop) and up: - If you are not rooted you can usetheapplication to connect, but you cannot show password unless youarerooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted to choose eitherRootMethod or No Root Method. , you can show the password usingbothmethods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You have to be ROOTEDforboth connecting and showing password - If Your are not Rooted,then you cannot use the application For pin connection you needtobe ROOT user in less than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions.Theadvantage of being ROOT is that you can show network passwordifthe pin connection is successful we will, otherwise youwillconnect to the network but cannot show it. Each feature willbeenabled or disabled depending on the situation of each terminal.ifyou already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect andgetthe password using your PIN =============================***Location Permission is required for Wifi Network ScanningByAndroid*** ============================= NOTICE: Not allnetworksare vulnerable and that the network appears as such doesnotguarantee 100% that it is, several companies have updatedfirmwareof their routers to correct the fault. TRY IT ON YOURNETWORK ANDIF YOU ARE VULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPS andchangepassword for a strong and personalized. --> those with agreentick are most likely vulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabledandthe connection pin is known. It may also be that the router hasWPSdisabled, but the password is known, in this case it alsoappearsin green and can be connected to thekey.============================= Some Samsung models useencryptionand do not show real passwords, they show a long seriesofhexadecimal digits. -- Please understand how the applicationworksbefore giving an assessment. WARNING: Beware of copies of thisappdetected on Google Play, they can be dangerous. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to [email protected], thanks.
WiFi Map — Free Passwords & Hotspots 4.1.6
WiFi Map LLC
Connect to WiFi for Free around the world! WiFi Map is thelargestWi-Fi community in the World! WiFi Map has 100 millionWiFisavailable worldwide WiFi Hotspots, passwords & commentsfromWifi Map users! Features of WiFi Map: - Access Internet forFreewhen you connect to WiFi - Millions of WiFi hotspotsavailableworldwide - WiFi passwords and tips - Smart search - Mapnavigation- Filter by the nearest WiFi around you - Share WiFis onfacebook,instagram, twitter for your friends - You can add WiFihotspotsaround you You need WiFi? 1. Open WiFi map 2. Theapplication willshow you nearby WiFi hotspots available around you3. Get it! Youare connected! WiFi Map is available in 59 differentlanguages FAQ:# How to add WiFi hotspot to WiFi Map: Follow us onFacebook:
Free Wifi Password Scan
Free Wifi Password is the best security tool to for your WifiAccesspoint because it generates very secure and powerfulpasswords. Withthis app you can get every information you wantFeatures: * ScanWiFi Networks around by you * Generate secure andlarge passwords *Want to know your IP address, then download thisapp and it givesyou every information about like local IP,external IP, router name,router company name, etc... * Test yourinternet speed with a singleclick, test download and upload speedof your internet * Check allthe devices connected to your Accesspoint
Wifi password all in one contains all the applications toprotectyou from hackers and crackers. Includes four functions -View thelist of WiFi networks available in your area - Generate apasswordweb, wpa and wpa2 for your wifi router - See the signal andall theinformation about your wifi Optimized for mobiles andtablets.Compatible with Android 8.0 and more.
Master Wifi Key 2.3
Master WiFi key recovery is the best app to recover the everlostpassword of the WiFi networks that you have connected at leastonceto your device...* You need root to use this application ifyourphone is not rooted...** You need to have connected to thenetworkin the past.** This app cannot "hack" into anunknown/newnetwork.** This application will help you recover thepassword of awireless network you have connected to with yourdevice in thepast...INSTRUCTIONS:It is very simple to use, you justhave tofollow these simple steps...* First you have to install thisapp inyour android device..Now open it and click the startbutton...*Click on the recover key button you will get a list ofwificonnections with thier password...* Click on the password tocopyit...* If your device is not rooted you have to root itfirst...*If your device is already rooted you don't have to rootitagain...* You must have to connected to the network in thepastwith this device.* This is not a hacking App,This is legal andwifipassword remember application.* This app cannot hackintounknown/new network.* I cannot help you with getting root.*Thisapp can turn on your WiFi.* It does not crack the network,MasterWiFi key app only use the MAC/SSID to deduce thepassword...*Master key password recovery app simply read passwordsfrom deviceitself...NOTE:This application does not use or share anykind ofuser personal information with any third party...ThisApplicationneeds root to work...This is a very simple app with userfriendlyinterface...Thanks for using...
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed Test 3.0
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed TestBest freewifinetwork manager have a function free wifi analyzer manager appforandroid phone. Free wifi ethernet bandwidth speed checker easytouse freewifi connect. Free WiFi auto connect with no root,withoutdata or internet connection network. Be able to pick a freewifibooster connect download upload speed booster by checksignalinterference strength graph. Wifi Free Connection Everywherewithyou free wi-fi connect internet enables any android smart phonetosearch for open WiFi network wi fi the one thatautomaticallyconnect to wifi easy n fast. Free wi-fi finder appwill findhotspot wifi connectors open connect network and free autoconnectfaster, find access manage connection networks master. wifimapscanner available for free wifi wlan connect open networkmasterfree wifi anywhere, anytime, everywhere, on the go for youandeveryone forever, connect to WiFi passwords for FREEinternetaccess free zone connect free open wifi nopassword.SPEEDTEST &Internet Speed Booster optimizes yourInternet acceleratorconnection !Check Wifi Internet Speed BoosterTest can testingspeed for cellular, WiFi hotspots, GPRS, 2G, 3G,4G, 5G, LTE, DSLand ADSL modem with just one tap boost speed,accurate report,tests WiFi autoconnect speed in seconds fast masterversion islite. Wifi Connection FEATURE - Search WiFi connect SSIDname. andshow Password for easy viewing and sharing with others-Auto switchbetween different AP.- Static IP settings support.- Scanyourwireless network for access points.- Sort WiFi hotspot by nameorlevel.- Show the wifi signal strength in history graph.- FastFreewireless or AP Scanner.- easy for 1 tab Turn on and turn offWiFiConnect.- hold text for Copy WiFi Password toClipboard.-Automatically login to AP around you , including securehotspots.-Switch between saved networks when signal is not ideal.-FreeAnalyze function : , overlapping, latency.DNS resolving,WPS-Support for Android 4.0 or above devices. and Tablet support.-WifiBooster function 1 click for Booster you signal.Speed TestFEATURE- Discover your Download, Upload and Ping.- tests downloadspeed(downlink).- tests upload speed (uplink).- History Recordofresults speed test show time ping upload download speed.-SupportsMBPS/KBPS.- show IP address display.- Easily share yourresults.-Help make finding free WiFi Hotspots with fastnetworkconnections.- Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cellspeedtests.**Please note this Free WiFi Connect InternetConnection& Speed Test Checker app is not a wifi passwordhacker or WIFIBooster Signal. only tools for finder show youavailable networksif there is any. It doesn't connection to securednetwork. It takescare of only open networks in your area.
Wifi Password Show 2.3.2
Congratulation! Wifi Password Show is over 5 millions download.★Note: Require ROOTED★ Need to re-connect your new device toWiFinetwork, but forgot your password? Want to share a WiFipasswordwith your friend? Use FREE Wifi Password Show to view allWifiPassword when you need them with just one click! Share withfriendsthrough SMS or Email. Yes, just that easy! FREE WifiPassword Showfeatures: ❶ Show SSID and Password; ❷ Copy WiFiPassword toClipboard (to be able to paste anywhere); ❸ Sharepassword via SMSor Email; ❹ Share password in Fullscreen mode. ❺ QRCode GeneratorWiFi Access ❻ WiFi Password Recovery Please Note: ①Only works onROOTED devices (needs super-user permissions). ② Isnot a WiFipassword cracker. NOT intended to crack WiFi networks. ③Needsprevious access to WiFi networks with your device toretrievepasswords. ④ With samsung device if it show hex code inpassword,please do follow: "I fixed the issue. This is a commonissue onSamsung phones. I opened /system/build.prop file andchanged theline ro.securestorage=true to false and rebooted. Nowyour appshows actual passwords and not hex string." Thank to JudeDahi! ✔Please understand that FREE Wifi Password Show is a free appandcontains ads to support develop cost. ✔ Why FREE Wifi PasswordShowonly works on a rooted device? Because your device storesWiFipasswords when you connect to a new WiFi network. You are notableto access the passwords and retrieve them unless youhavesuper-user permissions. Checkout here for more information onroot: ✔ If youwant theapp support your language, please help us translate fromEnglish toyour language by access the link below. Thankyou! ✔ Please contact [email protected] any issues you may have; and do give us 5stars if you like us!Thanks & enjoy!
WiFi Magic Key-Free WiFi Connection Manager 3.9.4
Millions of wifi hotspots! By WIFI Magic Key app, you can connecttofree wifi. Just click ‘WiFi Connect’,then you can auto connectit orshare this wifi .Also Magic Key is the best wifi scanner andwifimagic key manager! Use and enjoy it.-WIFI Magic Key providemillionsof wifi hotspots& Free wifi Password -One click:freewifiscanning and connection -Personal network analyzer andsecurityguard by magic.-Share wifi password safely and fastthrough magickeyFeatures:1.Free WiFiHotspot-Free WiFi ConnectionManager providesmillions of free wifi hotspots& wifi passwordnearby, you canconnect to wifi without knowing wifipassword.2.SafeWiFiHotspot-Free WiFi Connection Manager providestrusted wifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by owners canbeconnected.3.Easy and fastJust one click, connect wifi and sharewifipassword. Hotspot-Free WiFi Connection Manager will detectwifiautomatically.4.Share HotspotWIFI Magic Key has a powerfulfeatureto share :If you know the current wifi password, you canshare thepassword to other people through the shareHotspot.🏆ConnectWiFi:Scanning free WiFi hotspot around you, thewifi manager allowsyou to connect to WiFi hotspot by one click,without knowing wifipassword. Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly. Hotspot-FreeWiFi Connection Manager helps you get Wi-Fipassword stored on yourserver or shared by other users.🏆ShareWiFi:You can share Free WiFiwith others easy and fastShare freeWi-Fi: You can add Free Wi-Fihotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith other users.Sharepersonal WiFi hotspot: Turn your mobilephone into a router andshare your mobile network with yourfriends.🏆WiFi security:WiFiconnection will be safety and trusted."WiFi Hotspot-WiFi Master KeyManager" can analyze the network andhelp you away from unsafe Wi-Fihotspot and ensure the safety offree WI-FI connection when you arein a unfamiliar environment .Therange of Security detection isEncrypt Detecting, ARP Detecting,DNSDetecting.Please rate us withfive stars to show us your love!Andplease feel free to contact usif you have any problem orsuggestion.We are ready to help.OurEmail:[email protected]
WiFi Password 3.9.8
Millions of free wifi available, one click to connect wifi,withoutknowing wifi password! -Millions of wifi hotspots -Oneclick:freewifi connection -Personal network security guard -Sharewifipassword safely -Scan the current wifi, detect wifisecurityFeatures: 1.Free WiFi "WiFi Password " provide millions offreewifi hotspot nearby, you can connect to wifi without knowingwifipassword. 2.Safe WiFi "WiFi Password " provide trustedwifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by users can be findandconnect. 3.Easy and fast Just one click, connect wifi andsharewifi password. "WiFi Password " will detect wifiautomatically.4.Security Test “WiFi Password” provide securitytest,click currentconnected wifi,you can detect current wifisecurity. Declairation:All shared WiFi password are unrevealed toinsure safety andprivacy of users. 🏆Connect WiFi: Search free WiFihotspot aroundyou,one click connect to WiFi hotspot,without knowingwifipassword.Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly."WiFiPassword" helps you inquire Wi-Fi password stored onour server andwifi password shared by other users. 🏆Share WiFi: Youcan shareFree WiFi with others with simple operation. Share freeWi-Fi: Youcan add Free Wi-Fi hotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith otherusers. Share personal WiFi hotspot:Turn your mobile phoneinto arouter and share your mobile network with your friends.🏆WiFisecurity: WiFi connection will be safety and trusted.WiFiPasswordwill be unrevealed and "WiFi Password " can help you awayfromunsafe Wi-Fi hotspot and ensure the safety of connected Wi-Fiwhenyou in a unfamiliar environment . The range of Securitydetectionis Encrypt Detecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting. Rate uswith fivestars to show us your love! And please feel free tocontact us ifyou have any problems or suggestion to WiFiPassword.We are readyto help. Our Emial:[email protected]
Wifi Password Hacker Prank 1.6
Fun 4 U
Wifi Password Hacker is a new free wifi app which allows youtopretend to break the password of all the networks nearby andgainthe access. It looks professional and it is the best app toprankyour friends.How to Use★Go to the place where wireless networkisprovided. The private network, wireless hotspot and Wifitetheringis all ok.★Launch our Wifi Hack and press the startbutton. TheWifi tool will detect all the wireless networks nearbyof which theWifi signal can be detected.★Select the wifi id youwant tocrack.★The Wi-Fi hacker 2015 will show the fake animationswhichanalyzes the wifi info and breaking process.★In the endthepassword of the network will be displayed.Disclaimer:Ourwifipassword breaker is just for fun. It cannot really crack anywifipasswords. If you think it is funny, please give us 5 stars andwewill produce more good apps for you.
Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security 14.15
Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security has been calledoneof the most impressive router network utilities on the googleplaystore. Wifi Analyzer has many tools to monitor and secure yourhomeor office wireless network. Wifi Analyzer allows you to checktheSignal Info, Block Unwanted Connections, Diagnose yourWirelessSpeed and Strength, as well as map your network on aprofessionalgraph visually showing the activity on your wirelessnetwork. Thisapp is a must-have for users of all skill levels, frombeginners toIT specialists and skilled network administrators. WithWifiSecurity a growing concern this app will give you an edgeinmonitoring your wifi network and keep hackers away. Keyfunctions:This is the only FREE app on google play store that willmap yourentire network in a graphical display! • Network DiscoverTab: 1)Displays IP addresses 2) MAC addresses 3) Vendor names 4)Wirelessaccess points (WAP, AP) 5) Customize images/icons and editdisplaynames. 6) Ping, Port Scan, Block user from wifi • WifiStrengthTab: 1) Displays Wifi signal strength and wifi speed! 2)Testinternet connections 3) Display Public IP address 4)Encryption,Frequency, MAC address, DHCP, and DHCP lease • AccessPoint ScanTab: -Displays all router Access Points in range of you,their MACaddresses, channel they are on, and their dBm signalstrength. •Access Point Graphs Tab: -Displays the current channelyour routeris operating on and displays how many neighbors are onthe samechannel. On the channel rating page, it will rate whichchannelwill be your best option to set your Wi-Fi to for speedandreliability. • Connections Tab: -Displays ALL connections thatarecurrently connected through your device. It displaysestablishedforeign connections, listening IP interfaces, andclosedconnections. Each established IP is checked against 35blacklistdatabases to determine if the IPs are trusted or knownthreats!Blacklist IPs can cause your internet speeds to be slowertoo. •Block Device on Network Tab: Block will bring you to yourdevicesweb interface so you can log in and blacklist unwanted MACaddressto the router's MAC address filter list to block devicesfrom usingthe network. • IP Tools Options 1. DNS lookup 2. Whoisdata 3. Ping4. Port scan 5. Blacklist IP checker 7. Traceroute 8)MAC addresslookup 9) Wifi passwords //8718c45572 Router Admin Setup 7.02
Welcome! The Application doesn't aim to do any hacking. What isthebenefit of this Application? Router Admin setupApphelps you to install and configure you WIFI router settingssetup,or LAN settings configurations by using your phone instead ofusingcomputer or laptop normal browser, it also helps you discoverallthe connected devices with your network - It can be used forthefollowing tasks: Install and configure your router, IP scanner,IPfinder, and scan internal network This is typically for: 1-Thenormal user who wants to change WIFI password, or configurestheRouter as fast as possible by his smartphone, or discovertheconnected devices by scanning the network 2- Users who is therejobis based on the Routers settings and Setup. How is it doingthat?It will detect your gateway, which is the Router SetupPage,whatever it is, and open it directly to you, that’s why itwillwork for you whatever you Router Brand is. For instance,ItSupports, Netgear Nighthawk, xfinity, Technicolor router,TP-linkrouter, Huawei router, BT, BELKIN, TALKTALK, SKY,SKY-HUB,Spectrum, eero, Synology, iiNet, Intelbras,Linksys,KEO,Multilaser, TENDA, Mikrotik, Apple, … and so on,generally any DSLRouter with a Dynamic IP mechanism. The MostPopular Gateways are192.168.1.1,,, ….,But don’t botheryourself by searching on the internet about it, wewill get it foryou. What we offer here is a fast, stable, andreliable performancethat you can depend on, and we are open for anyuser contributionto help us improve and add more value to you. AppFeatures: - 1-Detects your WI-FI Router Gateway by differentmechanisms tosupport the variety of Routers gateways all over theworld. 2-Opens it directly once the App detect it. 3- Scan Internalnetworkfor every connected device, IP finder and IP scanner. 4-Search foryour Router default username and Password in an offlinedatabase byyour Router Brand or Model, in case of you haven’tchange it before5- Generate a Fast-Secure Password by your own toprotect eitherthe WIFI or the Router Login Page itself. 6- You canjust knowwhat’s your IP, Gateway, Lease time, Service Address…. andso on bya single click on the DHCP button. We are fast responders,justdrop us an email or even a comment if there is any problem, orafeature you see it will help you and the other users too. Wearedoing, and will do the best we can to give you a goodexperienceand a dependable application Happy Day ...
Wifi Password Hacker Prank 4.4
Disclaimer:Wifi Password Breaker is a simulated app for free,itcannot crack any wifi password. The simulation of passwordcrackingis just for fun.Wifi Password Hacker Prank simulates theprocess ofhacking any wireless network with your phone. Just onekey to breakthe wifi and hack all the passwords. So it is a funnyapp used toprank your friends and have fun. Your friend will besurprise tosee this amazing thing happen. You will look awesomeandprofessional.InstructionDetect the wireless networks nearbyandthen select the one you want to hack. After that thebreakinganimation and start, wait for a while and this will comeout adialog with the wifi password.
WiFi Doctor - Speed & Safe
PICOO Design
WiFi Doctor is a powerful, simple and free tool designed tomonitorWiFi status and protect your Internet activates. It can scanalldevices connected to your personal WiFi hotspot, and speedupnetwork connection by closing apps running in background.Features:★ WiFi Security Check Check whether the WiFi you’reconnected to issafe. Protect your personal privacy and property. ★Boost WiFiSpeed Detect and stop apps that are secretly using WiFior cellulardata in the background, boost your phone , making sureyou alwayshave maximum WiFi speed. ★ WiFi Monitor Scan all devicesconnectedto your personal WiFi hotspot, including AndroidPhones,iPhones/iPads, PCs. Show details of all connected devices,so youcan find out who are consuming your WiFi and slowing downitsspeed. ★ Super Boost Some apps automatically re-launchthemselvesin the background without authorization. Super Boostfeature canstop them from re-launching by using the accessibilityfeature, sothese apps will be completely closed and will neverautomaticallylaunch themselves again. The features listed above areavailablefor free. Please contact us [email protected] if youhave any questions orsuggestions.
Download the best wifi password app to generate secure andrandompassword for any type of security.With this app you canselect anytype security and generate passwords.Generate securepassword andsecure your wifi network from hacking.Features: Scannetworksaround by you.Generate password for your wifi router.Selectanytype of security like WEP, WPA, WPA2.Direct copy paste.This appisnot for cracking or hacking any kind of password the functionofthis app is to generate passwords.
WiFi Password Viewer (ROOT) 1.5
✖ WiFi Password Viewer doesn't discover the WiFi passwords! ✔WiFiPassword Viewer shows only the password of WiFi networks towhichyou have been connected! Warning: ROOT access is required.Somedevices (e.g. Samsung) encrypt WiFi passwords, so that no appcanshow them clearly. To show them, please, following theinstructionin the Welcome AlertDialog in the app orhere: collaboration. N. B.: it's impossible to make anapplication toshow WiFi passwords without requiring root, as ithas to read a filethat is in an inaccessible location withoutadministrator privileges(/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf).WiFi Password Viewer isavailable in: 🇬🇧 English 🇮🇹 Italian AboutWiFi Password Viewer •XDA-Developers:•GadgetHacks:•TuttoAndroid:•AndroidWorld: request, report or other, please, send me an email beforeleavea negative review ([email protected]). Otherwise, Iftheapplication helped you, consider to leave a positive review.Thanksfor your support.
IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer 8.7
IP Tools is a powerful network tools for speed up andsetupnetworks. Helps to quickly detecting any computer networkproblems,ip address detection and boosting network performance.This is amust-have app for every user, IT expert and networkadministrator.The app combines the most popular network utilitiesusually foundon your desktop PC. Tools will help you fix a networkproblemeasily or optimize the network connection when you arehundreds ofmiles away (i.e. not at work :-)) IP Tools has a simple,intuitiveinterface, so you can receive within seconds fullinformation aboutyour network, find out internal or external IP(with "My ip"feature), SSID, BSSID, broadcast address, gateway,network mask,country, region, city, the provider’s geographicalcoordinates(latitude and longitude), whois and other basicinformation. The IPTools app provides access to the most popularnetwork utilitiesthat administrators and users often use on theircomputers.Features: • Ping • LAN Scanner • Port Scanner • DNSLookup • Whois- Provides information about a website and its owner• Router SetupPage • Traceroute • WiFi Analyzer • IP address with"My ip" feature• Connection Log • IP Calculator • IP & HostConverter • Andmuch more... WiFi analyzer will help you get fulland clear pictureof your network state. With IP Tools, analysis andoptimization arefast, easy and absolutely friendly. The app isimprovedcontinuously. Its developers allow for customer opinionsand modifythe product offering new, more functional and handyversions. Theapp’s benefits go far beyond the above list. However,even thosementioned are enough to dismiss doubts, download the IPToolsnetwork utilities to your smartphone and assess advantagesfromusing them right now. Warning: PermissionACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONONLY FOR WiFi network Analyzer. It's AndroidOS requirement.
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) 15.0
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) is a security tool that helps youtogenerate a long random alpahanumeric password to provide youabetter security in your wifi network. Notice this app willNOThack, steal or retrieve to you any 3rd party wifi networkpasswordit's just a security tool to help you to incrase yoursecuritygenerating long random passwords that you have to set itmanuallyto your router or copy paste from the app. For example incase of ahacking brute force attack is most difficult to hack alongercombined numbers and characters password than a normal one.Thepuropose of this app is help you in this task. Also FreeWifiPassword 2017 contains other few features like check the macofwifi networks arround you, or the kind of security like wep,wpaand other useful information. If you find this applicationusefulplease leave a comment or rating thanks.
Wifi password pro generate a long random alphanumeric passwordtoprovide you a better security in your wifi network. This appwillnot hack, steal or retrieve wifi network password it's justasecurity tool to help you increase your security generatinglongrandom passwords that you have to set it manually to yourwifirouter. Features • The algorithm generate WEP, WPA, WPA2 withahigh level of authentication. • Direct connection to wifinetworkswithout password. • Order network list by proximity, open,sid,mac, security, channel and frequency. • Multi search. Optimizedformobiles and tablets. Compatible with Android 7.0 and more.
Wifi Search Free Open 2.7
Find quickly and immediately all the wireless open networkswithoutpassword and free where you can connect from your smartphone. Withthis application does not you'll have to search amongthe hundredsof nearby wireless networks those to which you canconnect withoutpassword. With just a click you can see it andconnect free. Also,you can see in detail the network parameters youchoose. If,moreover, that open wireless network is yours, theapplication willallow you to generate a strong password and PIN WPSif you decideto block potential hackers attacks. The applicationwill allow you,too, see the rest of available wireless networks,with all possibleavailable data, such as the SSID, MAC, encryption(WEP, WPA, WPA2 /WPS), frequency, signal strength wifi received andthe channel onwhich you are working. It contains advertising fromotherapplications that may be of interest.
Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2
Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!!Shows theWi-Fichannels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channelforyour wireless router. theUSBread/write permission: This permission is used to save andloadsnapshots(see menu in my app).##########
WPS WPA Wifi Test 1.0
WPS WPA Wifi TestWiFi WPS Tester is a utility which helps youdetectthe potential risk of the WiFi, which include password riskand wpsrisk.In this application you can check if your router isvulnerableor not.if you realize someone has security problem youmust informimmediately.I am not responsible for the misuse thatcan be given.
WiFiAnalyzer (open-source) 1.9.3
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open-source)byexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels. Users'privacyand security is a huge concern these days and WiFiAnalyzer(open-source) is designed to use as few permissions aspossible. Itasks for just enough to perform the analysis. Plus, itis all opensource so nothing is hidden! Most notably, thisapplication doesnot require access to internet, so you can be sureit does not sendany personal/device information to any other sourceand it does notreceive any information from other sources. WiFiAnalyzer is underactive development by volunteers. WiFi Analyzer isfree, has no-adsand does not collect any personal information. WiFiAnalyzer is nota WiFi password cracking or phishing tool. Features:- Identifynearby Access Points - Graph channels signal strength -GraphAccess Point signal strength over time - Analyze WiFi networkstorate channels - HT/VHT Detection - 40/80/160MHz (RequiresAndroidOS 6+) - Access Point view complete or compact - EstimatedDistanceto the Access Points - Export access points details - Darkor Lighttheme available - Pause/Resume scanning - Availablefilters: WiFiband, Signal strength, Security and SSID - Vendor/OUIDatabaseLookup Usage Tips: - Tap the title bar to switch between2.4 and 5GHz WiFi band. - Swipe to manually refresh screen content.- Swipeleft/right at the bottom of the screen to navigate tothenext/previous screen - SSID with (***) means it is hidden.Pleasevisit our website for more helpfulinformation: the place to go for bug reports and codecontributions:
Oi WiFi 4.6.3
Oi WiFi is the service for accessing Oi’s wirelessnetwork,available in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes,stadiums,touristic attractions and in big events sponsored by Oi.Millionsof hotspots allover Brazil in a network that doesn’t stopgrowing.Who can have access? Premium Access: If you are an OiCustomer withan eligible plan* to Oi WiFi or bought a pass you willbe able toaccess the network without additional publicity.(*Eligible plans:postpaid Customers, broadband customer, OiControle customers andprepaid customers with active credits) Accesswith publicity: Ifyou are not an Oi customer or do not have one ofthe eligible plansyou will be able to connect to Oi WiFi on yourdevice withadditional publicity, while you are connected. Rememberjoining the“access with publicity” option so you can navigate. Isfree, is foreveryone. The App: The Oi WiFi app is an essential toolfor thosewho want to stay connected. Download the app and it willdo all thework. After validating your access at the first time, theapp willdetect the Oi WiFi network on the range of your smartphoneand willconnect you automatically. It is also possible to check theclosesthotspots on the map or to search for a location.Newfunctionalities and evolutions have been incorporated,turningeverything easier. And new features are coming! New look: Wewantto stimulate interaction. The power of connecting people is oneofthe missions of Oi WiFi. We believe that connection +interactionbring new possibilities. Intelligent login: Insert yourphonenumber and the app does the rest. You don’t remember yourCPF/IDnumber during your login? We send you a SMS. Forgot yourpassword?Recover it using the app. Facebook login: Associate yourFacebookaccount once and your next accesses will be done in asimple way,without having to login on the portal or remember yourpassword.P.S.: We never post anything on your timeline ;)Ongoingevaluation: We want to know your opinion to improve ourservices.You may receive a request through a notification toevaluate us.Compliments, Suggestions and Critics are always welcometo improveour product. We will also keep an eye on the Google Playreviews.#ConnectedIsBetter
Wifi Analyzer Password 3.1
Wifi Password Hacker analyzer is a new free wifi app forAnalyzerwhich allows you to pretend to break the password of allthenetworks nearby and gain the access. It looks professional anditis the best app to prank your friends.How to use:This tool hasanwireless network scanner (the wifi scanner) that will detectallthe wifi hotspots in range, with either good or bad signal.Thedetected wireless networks are displayed in a list of wifiAnalyzernetwork identifiers.Disclaimer:Our wifi password breaker isjustfor fun. It cannot really crack any wifi Analyzer passwords. Ifyouthink it is funny, please give us 5 stars and we will producemoregood apps for you.
Wifi Password 2018 Generator 4.0
Wifi Password 2018 Generator is a free app that will help youtoincrease your wireless router network security generating foryourandom alphanumeric passwords. After this you just have to copyitand set it to your router. Notice this is NOT a hacking apptosteal third people wifi passwords. Why it works? because aslongerand difficult is a wifi password harder to hack with a bruteforceattack. Also contains a function to check the wpa wps orwepsecurity of your actual passwords the results could begood,regular or dangerous. If you like this app please leave acommentor a rating thank you!
GWPA Finder 5.1.5
This app (formerly known as Greek WPA Finder) wasoriginallyintended for use inside Greece as it can recover defaultWPA/WPSKeys of specific router brands that are popular withinGreece thushelping you test your network security. Nowadays thereis anongoing effort to gradually support more routers around theworld.If you are not located inside Greece you can still try yourluckwith this app but don't be frustrated if it doesn't fully workinyour territory. In case you manage to connect to a networkothenthan yours, you have to inform the owner so that he/shechangespassword. Have a look at the GWPA Finder - FAQshere:
WPS WPA WiFi Tester (No Root) 21.0
Test if your router is vulnerable through WPS bruteforceattack.Find the WPA key! Features: -Pin Bruteforce (from pin topin)-Restore previous saved session -Different CalculatingAlgorithmsfor default pins -Password Recovery (ROOT ONLY)-Decrypt"wpa_supplicant" Passwords (ROOT ONLY) -Copy savedPasswords-Offline Pin Calculator And more: -No data collected Ifyour routeris vulnerable, this app will allow you to try differentdefaultpins or simply to bruteforce a WPS router. You can easilyrestoreyour password: this app shows stored password, and it candecryptthe wpa_supplicant file in which they are saved! !THIS APPIS MADETO TEST YOUR OWN ROUTER! PRIVACYPOLICY
Free Wifi Password Secure 3.0.1
The most important security for Wifi access point is password ifthepassword is large and secure then it will be very difficult tohackwifi.Wifi password secure is the best security tool for yourwifirouter because it generates random, secure and largepasswords. Thisapp gives you every information about your wificonnectionWith thisapp you can check Who is connected to myWifi.Get every informationabout your IP address for example:external IP, local IP, Gateway,longitude and latitude, etc...ScanWifi network list around by youand get every information on thatnetwork listCheck the signalstrength of networks around by youThisapp do not crack any kind ofwifi password developer will not beresponsible for any kind odmisuse of this app.
Wifi Inspector
Do you want to know if someone is connected to your wirelessnetworkwithout your permission? Your connection is slow and yoususpectthat someone are stealing your wifi? Are you afraid thattheneighbor may have access to your personal data? Wifi Inspectoris asimple tool to see all the devices connected to our network(bothwired and wifi, whether consoles, TVs, pcs, tablets, phonesetc...), giving relevant data such as IP address, manufacturer,devicename and MacAddress. Wifi Inspector also allows to save alist ofknown devices with custom name and find intruders in lessthan 30seconds. This makes it easier for us and you will not needto gochecking the data whenever we make a scan. All this in aclear andsimple design that allows us to see that our personaldata are safein a few seconds. No doubt, Wifi Inspector ALWAYSfind ALL connecteddevices!! More than 455,000 active installationsdemonstrate theirreliability!! We continue working to improve WifiInspector and wegreatly appreciate that you share your opinionswhether positive ornegative. We have almost no reports of problemsin the poor ratings(only one star with no comment) This makesdifficult that we canimprove the application. Please if you haveany problems /suggestions do not hesitate to send it to us, inyour comment orwith email, and we will try to fix it. languages -Spanish - English- Italian - Catalan - Russian - French -Portuguese For a betterexperience we recommend Android 4.0 or more
WPS App Connect 1.3
This protocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network usingan8-digit pin number that usually is predefined in the router,theproblem is that the pin of many routers from different companiesisknown or is known how to calculate itWith this application youcanconnect to WiFi networks that have the WPS protocol enabled.Thisfeature was only available in version 4.1.2 ofAndroid.Applicationdeveloped for educational purposes. I am notresponsible for themisuse that can be given to you.Licensed underCC BY-NC-ND4.0license: isfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to adefault PIN.Many of the routers that the companies install,havevulnerabilities regarding the PIN that they use. Withthisapplication you will be able to check if your router isvulnerable,or not, and act accordingly.It includes default PINs forknownrouters, as well as algorithms such as Zhao Chesung(ComputePIN)and Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN), among others.Testedon:- LG G2-Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy s3/s4/s5/s7- Lenovo Zuk Z2-SamsungJ5/J7-UMIDIGI Z1IMPORTANT:A list Of default pin will beaddedsoon.Before giving a rating, understand what the applicationis for
WiFi WPS Tester - No Root To Detect WiFi Risk
Infinit Group
Why me? Compare with others, we are a special one. For it doesworkon device Without Root and with Android < 5.0 (Lollipop)What isWPS? The router has a function called WPS. If its WiFi withWPSopen, we can call this wifi 'WPS WiFi'. Unlike password, WPSWiFican be accessed by using 8 digits PIN which is usually fixed.e.g.12345678. People can use PIN to connect WPS WiFi and ignoreanypassword changes. WiFi WPS Tester is a utility which helpsyoudetect the potential risk of the WiFi, which include passwordriskand WPS risk. Shipped with more than 30 PIN algorithms and50000known PINs, WiFi WPS Tester helps you detect the potentialWPSrisk. And with millions of hotspots, WiFi WPS Tester may findthepossible Password risk. We don't store your original key,neitherdo we share with other users. But if your WPS WiFi can beconnectedwithout manual inputs, it is suggesting that you shouldchange thekey to a more complicated one or turn off WPS. How touse? When youopen app,you will always see 4 colors in wifi list.Green - thewifi has been attacked by your device. Red - which mayhavepassword risk, that means you should change password rightnow.Yellow - which may have wps risk, so just turn off WPS. Black-WiFi WPS Tester suppose it is a safe wifi. You can testwithfollowing these steps. 1. Click the wifi item and enter thedetailpage. 2. In detail page, we can click on 'TRY ALL' button totryall untested pin and password. Be patient, it may cost afewminutes. 3. We can also click on one of the items in detailpage.WiFi WPS Tester will only test this and return the resultquickly.4. For PIN, we can click the Plus Sign to test your custompin. 5.If it failed to connect, an error image will appear onitem'sright. Click the image to see the detail reason. Contact usIf youhave any problems, give us feedbacks! We will try our best tohelpyou. 1. Email: [email protected] 2.Facebook:
With this application you can immediately detect and displayfreewireless networks in your environment with a single click.Theapplication allows you direct access to the wireless settingsofyour smartphone so you can connect immediately with thefreewireless network you want. It also allows you to display allthenetworks of your surroundings with the SSID, encryption typeandaccess point MAC. This application does not allow hackingwirelessnetworks or generate any key or password. It containsadvertisingapplications that may be of interest.
WiFi Key: Unlocked Password & Free 2.1.2
With millions of unlocked Wi-Fi Passwords shared by our users,youcan connect to free Wi-Fi without input Password!How to connecttounlocked Wi-Fi?1. Turn on WiFi Key2. Automatically searchforunlocked Wi-Fi, if not displayed, you can try the Wi-Fiwithoutshowing the lock3. Choose the unlock Wi-Fi4. Speed Test:Testwhether the WiFi can watch video or play games, it showsthespeed*WiFi Connector is not a hacking tool. The unlockedWiFipasswords are shared by our users legally. It will not unlockorhack other people’s hotspots, because hacking is illegal.WiFipasswords shared by the users are also encrypted, arenotrevealed.Stay TunedEmail:[email protected]: Only!Findfriends and chat with fungroups!>>>
Net Master - Free VPN & Speed Test , WiFi Boost
Hi Security
⚡Net Master is a handy and free network analyzer tool ( FreeVPN,WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Security, Mobile Data Usage Monitor,WiFiHacker Detector & Boost). Net Master key feature details:★Free & Unlimited VPN - Safe Connection ⚡ VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork) allows you to securely access a private network andsharedata remotely through public networks. Much like afirewallprotects your data on your computer, VPNs protect itonline. Nolimit on traffic and usage time at all. ★Internet SpeedTest - WiFiSpeed Test Meter⚡ Have you ever wondered about yourWi-Fi speed?Perhaps you’ve felt that your Wi-Fi is slow at times,but you justdon't know why. Use Net Master to test your Wi-Fispeed. ★WiFiAnalyzer & Security - WiFi Hacker Detection⚡Analysis yournetwork status, check router hijacking, ARP cheating,SSLhijacking, DNS hijacking and Portal encryption. Ensure WiFithatyou are connected to is 100% secure. No more WiFi hacker.★SignalStrongest Point Detector - Signal Strength Test⚡Intelligentlyanalyse signal strength and find the strongest signalaround you.Accessing stronger signal never been this easy. ★WiFiManager &Analyzer - Manage WLAN and Switch WiFi⚡ With NetMaster, you canview a list of all available WiFi networks nearby,along with allnecessary speed details. ★Mobile Data Monitor &Manager -Analysis Data Usage and Save Data⚡ Net Master also canshow allapps data usage status, especially mobile networkconsumption. Soyou know which app consumed most of your data gone.Then you cansave your valuable data. ★Floating Bubble Notification⚡Easy toaccess speed test and other network analyzer features. Onetap awayfrom knowing your network speed. ★Hotspot - Share MobileData⚡ Itis so easy to share your personal Hotspot with otherdevices. Ourgreatest network analyzer tool also supportsmulti-languages,including English, Português, Español, Pусский,Français, Italiano,हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عBahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, TiếngViệt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and 中文. Ifyou have any questions orany problems, please contact us [email protected]
Free Wifi Password Keygen
Free Wifi Password Keygen is the best app to generate randomandsecure passwords for your wifi hotspot. Features: * ScanWiFinetworks around by you * Download and upload speed test foryourinternet * Want to know your IP address, then download this appandit gives you every information about like local IP, externalIP,router name, router company name, etc... * Test your internetspeedwith a single click, test download and upload speed ofyourinternet * Generate random passwords * Select any type ofsecurityto generate passwords * Direct copy & paste!!!IMPORTANT!!!This app is not for cracking or hacking any kind ofwifi passwordany misuse of this app developer will not beresponsible.
Router settings Router Admin Setup WiFi Password 2.0.0
Easily access your router settings and control your wifinetworkwith the “ - All Router Admin Setup WiFiPassword” appNew features including router setup pageand includingWiFi Scannerto see who use my wifi & use as wifi thief detectorIt’s easy,convenient and versatile tool helping any Android user tomanagetheir router from their smartphone. With simple words the appwilllet you access and manage router settings setup and LANsettings.It’s great analysis tool like wifi warden to help youunderstandyour router & your internet settings & routersetup page 📶NO NEED FOR LAPTOPS & COMPUTERS Configuring a wifinetwork,changing wifi password, seeing your gateway (the basicis192.168.1.1) was previously only possible to laptop orcomputers.Now with the power of the Android apps like our192.168.1.1 app,you can easily configure your router and WLANsettings by simplylogin in, finding your router (we include tons ofbrands) and takecomplete control. Best App for router password androuterconfiguration and also for wifi password change. We haveadded wifithief detection by wifi analyzer by which you can checkwho use mywifi and use wps wpa tester WHAT CAN YOU DO AS ROUTERADMIN Managerouter app you get several router admin features.Seeingwhat yourdefault gateway is, to getting the exact default username&password for your router brand, the goal is to give youCOMPLETEcontrol.That you will also be able to change wifi passwordand username as you want. And the ability to change internetpassword, isnot only the great feature about this routerconfiguration app. Youcan also see your IP, lease and service timeand much more! bestfeature is wifi password change. The best andeasy way for you isRouter setup page password show which is veryhelpful.App supportsnew routers with wps connect like best onewifi dumper. Wehave included wifi scanner which you can use as wifimonitor withwifi warden to see who use my wifi and become wifithief detectorincluding wps wpa tester - All RouterAdmin Setup WiFiPassword FEATURES: ✔️ router password change ✔️default gatewaycheck up ✔️ user and password (login data) from manyroutercompanies ✔️ access to wifi router settings and LAN settings✔️change WIFI password .ptcl ✔️ change internet password and wpswpatester ✔️Router admin control app with wifi warden Best Appforrouter password and router settings. Now you can changepasswordwifi and the easy way for Wifi password change. The bestfeature ofall time is Router setup page password show from whichyou can veryeasily change router password. It was so much difficultbefore tochange password wifi. You can now also do the routerpasswordchange .App is best designed for the purpose ofrouterconfiguration & wifi warden. It works best & smoothlywithptcl. With the wifi scanner to see who use my wifi you canseeusers on wifi network & become wifi inspector If you areeagerto control and find out key information about your wifirouter, getour app that gives you great administrationfeaturesover your wifi router and internet. Best App for routerpasswordand wifi router settings with wifi password change. now youcanalso change router password. This app works with wps pinrouterswhich uses wps connect to make a wps connection withoutpasswordfor which wps dumper apps are available Get it for wpswpatester!.Common gateways are which areveryeasy.Everyone can change router password. & whenever youneedthen you can change password wifi it was so much irritatingbeforewhenever you need to do router password change. Some peoplemaysimply refer to it as change internet password. Professionalsmayneed this app for the router configuration. This app worksbestwith the ptcl. This is very best suited if someone usethetechnicolor. At last we also have added support for the newroutersfeaturing wps connect as wifi warden