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Tokopedia - Online Shopping & Mobile Recharge 3.11
Thank you for voting Tokopedia as User's Choice App 2018 in GooglePlay! Your trust is a valuable support for us to keep innovatingand helping millions of users to achieve many things. Reach your2018 Resolutions with Tokopedia App! Easy online shoppingexperiences like buy your daily needs, buy pulsa, and pay yourbills can be done in best “jual-beli online App”, Tokopedia. Makeit more maximum with variety of best online shopping promos tofasten your Resolutions! Start from Flash Sale, free shippingpromo, shopping cashback, TokoPoints discount coupons, and manyother interesting online shopping promos. And with interestingGroup Chat Activity, you can make you online shopping experiencesmuch more fun! Besides millions of trusted online shops, officialstores, and exclusive brands, buy Pulsa, Internet Kuota, and evenbooking train or plane ticket for your next vacations can be donewith Tokopedia App. Also, lots of financial solutions and onlineinvestment is also provided by this trusted online shopping app!So, how you can reach your resolutions through Tokopedia App? KebutShake-Shake: Win Rp500 million and other exciting prizes! Startingfrom 26 November until 31 December, shake your Tokopedia App every12.00 - 14.00 pm and exchange your TokoPoints to “Kupon Untung” towin a lot of prizes every week! Millions Online Shops withInteresting Shops Voucher Promo Not only Tokopedia promo, a lot ofShops Voucher promo from millions online shops, brands, andofficial stores are ready to help you reach your end of yearresolution! Your Financial Resolution: investment, and apply forinsurance or credit card can’t be as easier as this! Want to applycredit card? Looking for personal loan, insurance, and investmentproducts such as mutual funds and gold? Now everything can be donewith just taps on your smartphone screen. Easier with OVO! Yourdaily transactions, online shopping, electricity bills, and variousneeds now easier in Tokopedia App with OVO Cash as payment method.Activate your OVO account to move all of your TokoCash to OVO andstart collecting more Cashback and OVO Points! === Prepare yourselfand fasten your 2018 resolutions with Tokopedia App! Don’t forgetto share your referral code and ask your friends to use Tokopediato get extra tens of thousands rupiah Cashback! Who knows onlineshopping can be this fun?! With variety of payment methods and alot of shipping partners such as JNE, JnT, Go-Jek, Pos Indonesia,and many more, no worries anymore to install best online shoppingapp and marketplace Tokopedia! #Mulaiajadulu === *Have any critics,complaints, or suggestions? Feel free to contact the Tokopediacustomer care: i: To optimizeuser's experience. This app needs your permission as in this link: === Check Tokopedia now! WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - Tokopedia TWITTER [email protected] INSTAGRAM - @Tokopedia GOOGLE+ - +Tokopedia LINEOFFICIAL ACCOUNT - @tokopedia BLOG -
Tokopedia Seller App 1.29.0
Manage & grow your online business anywhere, anytime from yourmobile phone or tablet with Tokopedia Seller App. Tokopedia SellerApp is a platform tailor-made for sellers on Tokopedia’sconsumer-to-consumer (C2C) online marketplace. Our app givesflexibility and freedom for sellers looking to increase sales andexpand their online business. Tokopedia Seller App is the best wayfor you to give your online shop a competitive edge. You can easilymanage your inventory, create listings, and compare prices withother sellers so you know you’re setting the most competitiveprices possible. Gain valuable insights about your shop byreviewing store statistics & sales performance. Improve youronline presence and store reputation by becoming more responsiveand attentive to your customers. Get on the minute notificationsfor buyer reviews, messages, or whenever your item sells. Worry not-- Our customer service & resolution center are available 24/7to help resolve any problems you might have. Here’s why this app isthe best way for you to manage your Tokopedia online shop: ​ It’sthe simple & intuitive way to gain more control over yourbusiness ✓ Create new listings & offers instantly by uploading& updating product photos directly from your camera or gallery.✓ Our new Instoped feature makes it easy for you to upload newpictures from your Instagram handle. Import photos from yourInstagram account directly to your listing. ✓ Manage your storeinventory on the go. Easily update product prices & quantitiesin just a few taps. ✓ Boost online sales by promoting your listingswith TopAds. Edit, remove, resume, or add new TopAds campaign fromyour mobile or tablet. ​ Get up close & personal with yourcustomers ✓ Improve your online shop performance and reputation bygiving your store a competitive edge in our marketplace. Newfeatures in our seller app allows you to be more agile andresponsive in meeting your customers’ feedbacks & inquiries. ✓Respond quickly to buyer inquiries by getting notifications on theminute. ✓ Get notifications for whenever your product sells &check transaction statuses on the go. ✓ Get notifications for buyermessages, product reviews, and buyer reviews. ✓ View shop stats andget valuable insights for your store. Gain access to store data toreview and analyze your selling performance. Resolution Center& Customer Service ready to assist you whenever Our customerservice & resolution center are always here to help. We’reavailable 24/7 to resolve any questions, concerns, and sellingproblems you might have. Worry less, so you can sell more. Safelyand instantly transfer your funds View and redeem your statementbalance easily. Funds and profits will be transferred to yourpersonal banking account in just a few minutes. Semua dimulai dariTokopedia. We’d love to hear from you!Questions, concerns, & comments are always welcome. Shoot us anemail at [email protected]
Mitra Tokopedia 1.2
Kembangkan usahamu dan buat keseharian bisnis jadi lebihpraktisdengan menjadi Mitra Tokopedia. Apakah kamu memiliki usahatokokelontong, warung, kios pulsa, atau usaha sejenisnya daninginmeningkatkan keuntungan serta buat keseharianmu jadi lebihpraktis?Mitra Tokopedia adalah solusi yang tepat untukmu! Takhanyamempermudah operasional toko dan warung, bergabung menjadiMitraTokopedia juga meningkatkan laba melalui berbagai promo,diskonlangsung dan keuntungan lainnya! Apa saja keuntungan yangbisa kamudapatkan di Aplikasi Mitra Tokopedia? Mencari stok barangmurahuntuk toko atau warung Untuk kamu yang sibuk mengelola tokoatauwarung, dengan Mitra Tokopedia kamu bisa memesan stok barangdenganlebih mudah dan murah, langsung dari distributor-distributorbesarterpercaya. Pesan stok toko gratis ongkir dan bisa dikirim dihariyang sama! Tak perlu takut ongkos kirim membengkak,karenamelaluiaplikasi Mitra Tokopedia ini kamu bisa mendapatkan layanantidakdipungut ongkir untuk belanja grosir!! Selain itu, pesan dipagihari, barang akan sampai di hari itu juga - gak pake nunggulama!Jadi penjual (kios) pulsa, jualan token listrik murah, BPJSdanproduk digital lainnya Kamu juga bisa maksimalkankeuntunganusahamu dengan menjadi penjual/kios pulsa murah danberbagaitagihan sehari-hari lainnya seperti token listrik hinggaiuranBPJS, lho! Jadi, untuk kamu yang memiliki kios pulsa,aplikasiMitra Tokopedia akan memaksimalkan keuntungan kiosmumelaluiberbagai promo yang menarik dari berbagai produk digitalyang adadi Tokopedia. Kini, buka warung, menjalankan bisnis tokokelontongsampai jadi penjual/kios pulsa dan token listrik jadi jauhlebihpraktis dan menguntungkan, kan? Segera gunakan aplikasiMitraTokopedia dan dapatkan keuntungan dengan lebih maksimal! Growyourbusiness and make your daily business more practical bybecoming aTokopedia Partner. Do you have a grocery store, shop,pulse kioskor similar business and want to increase profits andmake yourdaily life more practical? Tokopedia Partner is the rightsolutionfor you! Not only makes it easy for stores and stalls tooperate,joining Tokopedia Partners also increases profits throughvariouspromos, direct discounts and other benefits! What benefitscan youget from the Tokopedia Partner Application? Looking forcheap itemsfor shops or stalls For those of you who are busymanaging a shopor shop, with Tokopedia Partners you can orderstocks more easilyand cheaply, directly from trusted largedistributors. Order thestore stock free of charge and can be sentthe same day! No need tofear shipping costs will swell, becausethrough this TokopediaPartner application you can get unpaidservices for wholesaleshopping !! Besides that, order in themorning, the items willarrive on that day too - don't wait long!Become a seller (kiosk)of credit, sell cheap electricity tokens,BPJS and other digitalproducts You can also maximize the profits ofyour business bybecoming a cheap pulse seller / kiosk and variousother daily billssuch as electricity tokens to BPJS fees, you know!So, for those ofyou who have a credit kiosk, the Tokopedia Partnerapplication willmaximize your kiosk profits through variousattractive promos fromvarious digital products on Tokopedia. Now,open a shop, run agrocery store business to become a credit seller/ kiosk andelectricity token to be much more practical andprofitable, right?Immediately use the Tokopedia Partner applicationand get maximumprofit!